• Image of bob Jones - x - boo boo pouch // septembers assortment
  • Image of bob Jones - x - boo boo pouch // septembers assortment
  • Image of bob Jones - x - boo boo pouch // septembers assortment
  • Image of bob Jones - x - boo boo pouch // septembers assortment
  • Image of bob Jones - x - boo boo pouch // septembers assortment

Introducing Septembers batch of colourfully handy BOO BOO pouches ...

These sturdy First Aidy characters are made from snippets o my fav rare fabric finds -
- Olive Gingham
- Wooly Orange
- Camper Blue

Adorned with a quality n' fancy dashing red 100% wool that has been beautifully appliquéd on the front of BOO BOO, as a simple sign that whatever is held in within this easy to find pouch ... is of UTMOST necessity, i.e. sewing supplies + bandaids!

We paired theses delicious padded pouch fronts with our eco waxed canvas in FUCHSIA, FERN + DRIFTWOOD .... which makes for one yummy built to last BOB JONES pouch. Fully lined in vintage 100% cotton and a colourful 'strong as an ox' ...Metal zip.

these 3 are RTS (Ready to Ship) in these joyous little COMBO'S

- Wooly Orange // Aqua zip // Blue floral lining
- Olive Gingham // Lilac zip // Yellow Floral lining
- Camper Blue // Lilac zip // Orange gingham

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Every now + then ... the perfect combination of gorgeous fabrics come together, and thats when we decide to create a tiny batch of unique goods. We make a pattern, snip + stitch until they a just what we want and then ... make just a few for me + you! Bob Jones 'Boo Boo' was created to hold your first aidy supplies + those pesky little items that you can never find until ... NOW! An easy to find pouch in your travel bags, camping stuff + that trusty automobile.


- handcrafted 'built to last' goods

- sustainable slow fashion

- 3 only + forever

- size is 6" X 5 1/2"

- colours may vary slightly , due to the monitor that you use
- there maybe slight imperfections due to the nature of reclaimed/vintage fabrics, however that adds more of the character + feel we desire.


- within Canada // $3
- US // $8
- Everywhere else // $10

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All of our Sparky Jones Nogginware + Goods are made from rare finds of Reclaimed, vintage + Organic fabrics! Our slow fashion, sustainable accessories are not only built n' stitched to last ... but each + every one of them will always have their unique character because of the history + stories that lie within the textiles used.

Our fabrics have all been pre-washed in eco detergents, carefully deconstructed + then reconstructed , snipped + doubly stitched using our unique Sparky Jones patterns. And all of this happens in lil studio by 2 hands in the Mountains of B.C Canada

Be sure to have a look see below for all the latest adventures of our business

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