• Image of 'Bobbly Brun'  - x - January's Feature Limited Edition o 3 // the Jeanie Jones
  • Image of 'Bobbly Brun'  - x - January's Feature Limited Edition o 3 // the Jeanie Jones
  • Image of 'Bobbly Brun'  - x - January's Feature Limited Edition o 3 // the Jeanie Jones
  • Image of 'Bobbly Brun'  - x - January's Feature Limited Edition o 3 // the Jeanie Jones
  • Image of 'Bobbly Brun'  - x - January's Feature Limited Edition o 3 // the Jeanie Jones

January is the Ooooo la la month of specialities.
Its finally a New Year, Yay!, Fresh Beginnings, Yay! + ... its my Birthday Month, squeal!!
So the most scrumptious, fantabulous, spoil me gorgeous chapeau needed to be created, by ...

1. choosing my new fav STYLE + Winter Noggin protector ...
the 'JEANIE JONES' Cloche

2. picking the most OUTRAGEOUSLY gorgeous wooly fabric i have in la studio

3. And adorning w some colourfully wonderful combos to complete the task

Introducing .... Miss 'BOBBLY BRUN'. Quite simply, the coziest adorable character to start that New Year off feeling tickety boo Gorgi! Now that cheery bobbly texture is soooooo outrageously rare, that its hard not too drooly love over. Combined with a choice o 5 lovely trimming colours that excentuate those confident curves + newly designed TULIP BRIM. Thats ONE lovely character to hide my unruly hair caused by those pesky elements = tick tick!

'BOBBLY BRUN' is a Limited Edition, of
4 only + forever.

She comes with that topnotch feature that we have incorporated into our Nogginware process - topstitched crown panels for added strength, durability + an over the top classy look.

BUTTON :: as this particular Nogginware is so colourfully wonderful, a simple yet beautiful wood button with matching stitching is the only one for the job.
(we'll be in touch to find out TRIMMING COLOUR + SIZE after your order is placed!)


- an utterly gorgeous mustard 100% cotton of the Cotton + Steel variety
- And our specially designed inner band in an Organic deep truffle brown cotton for a comfortable snug fit.

TurnAround Time :: 3 weeks


- within Canada // $13
- US // $13
- Everywhere else // $20

--- x ---


This design is one that is close to my heart. Inspired by a wonderfully intelligent woman who was boldly confident, proudly curvaceous + taught me to value dreams over money. So i very much tried to capture her essence + strengths to design Miss JEANIE JONES. A chapeau with confident lines, an organically curvy TULIP BRIM + an over the top comfy fit with the BONUS of being element protecting worthy. I think Jean would have been proud + ordered 5 in different colours
Handcrafted, our characters showcase our selection of stunning Organic, vintage + reclaimed fabrics, with a splash of colour here and there + delectable rare notions making our cloche inspired chapeau suitable for any gorgeous noggin!


Sizes ::
Small - 21 1/2"- 22”
Medium - 22 1/2” - 23")
Large - 23 1/2” - 24"

How to measure ::
use a tape measure, or if you don’t have one, you can use a piece of string or cord......... wrap around your head, just over the ears.....not to tight though, you don’t want to give yourself a headache!!!! Then place the string against a ruler to find out your head circumference

- colours may vary slightly , due to the monitor that you use
- there maybe slight imperfections due to the nature organic fabrics however that adds more of the character + feel we desire.

--- x ---


All of our Sparky Jones Nogginware + Goods are made from rare finds of Reclaimed, vintage + Organic fabrics! Our slow fashion, sustainable accessories are not only built n' stitched to last ... but each + every one of them will always have their unique character because of the history + stories that lie within the textiles used.

Our fabrics have all been pre-washed in eco detergents, carefully deconstructed + then reconstructed , snipped + doubly stitched using our unique Sparky Jones patterns. And all of this happens in lil studio by 2 hands in the Mountains of B.C Canada

Be sure to have a look see at www.sparkyjones.ca for all the latest adventures of our business
Bye for now

--- x ---

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