• Image of Frankie Beau Bestie // June's Brooch Assortment
  • Image of Frankie Beau Bestie // June's Brooch Assortment
  • Image of Frankie Beau Bestie // June's Brooch Assortment
  • Image of Frankie Beau Bestie // June's Brooch Assortment
  • Image of Frankie Beau Bestie // June's Brooch Assortment

June is the bestest time to say a BIG FAT 'T h a n k Y o u' to your kiddos carer ... La Teacher!

So we are featuring a special little batch of sweet goods just for those 'how do you look after a room o screaming children all day' folks. You know the ones that are always nurturing + educated your little persons, whilst you are doing what you got to do in life to make it all work.

FRANKIE BEAU BESTIES are fantabulous handcrafted brooches that use yummy scrummy morsels of our favouritest, bestest + rarest fabric finds. They can be pinned to pretty much anything, so that your teacher has a little reminder of something uniquely special ... your APPRECIATION + THANKS for all their handwork n' patience!

BONUS :: ...ok those specially designed packages have been made not only to show off our newest adorably thoughtful goods ...they open up to become a Note Card, so that all you have to do is write a TO + a FROM ... and our quirky little message will take care of the rest!!

This month, the message is ::

'Happy Days you beautiful Human'

Our June's Assortment, All-in-One giftys are RTS (Ready to Ship)

Choose from these loveable Characters ::

- Hiding Clara
- Black Catty Jones
- Sabre + Birch
- Swinging Ames
- Happy Jan Jans
- Red Liberty
- Scandi Fleur

(left to right -1,2,3,4,5)
- 2
- 4
- 5

- Cute Little Stinker
- Danity Floral
- Japanese Doily

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FRANKIE BEAU BESTIES have been designed to be a sweet little gifty + card for your bestest partner in Crime ... your best friend! Packaged like a dream ... all you have to do is open up the box, write a quick message + our wording takes care of the rest. Our FRANKIE BEAU goods can be pinned to your favourite Sparky Bag (wink) blouses, dresses, cardi's, pouches .... pretty much anything + everything!
That way your bestie gets to see a little reminder/token of something uniquely special ... your friendship.

- within Canada // $3
- US // $5
- Everywhere else // $10

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All of our Sparky Jones Nogginware + Goods are made from rare finds of Reclaimed, vintage + Organic fabrics! Our slow fashion, sustainable accessories are not only built n' stitched to last ... but each + every one of them will always have their unique character because of the history + stories that lie within the textiles used.

Our fabrics have all been pre-washed in eco detergents, carefully deconstructed + then reconstructed , snipped + doubly stitched using our unique Sparky Jones patterns. And all of this happens in lil studio by 2 hands in the Mountains of B.C Canada

Be sure to have a look see below for all the latest adventures of our business

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  • Hiding Clara
    3 in stock
  • Black Catty Jones
    3 in stock
  • Sabre n Birch
    2 in stock
  • Swinging Ames
    3 in stock
  • Happy Jan Jans
    3 in stock
  • Liberty Red
    6 in stock
  • Scandi Fleur
    5 in stock
  • RainDrop 2
    1 in stock
  • RainDrop 4
    1 in stock
  • RainDrop 5
    1 in stock
  • Cute little Stinker
    1 in stock
  • Dainty Floral
    1 in stock
  • Japanese Doily
    1 in stock