• Image of 'petunia darling'   - x -   Kinn Jones //  LAST EDITION FOR 2016
  • Image of 'petunia darling'   - x -   Kinn Jones //  LAST EDITION FOR 2016
  • Image of 'petunia darling'   - x -   Kinn Jones //  LAST EDITION FOR 2016
  • Image of 'petunia darling'   - x -   Kinn Jones //  LAST EDITION FOR 2016
  • Image of 'petunia darling'   - x -   Kinn Jones //  LAST EDITION FOR 2016

Oh .....


Being our last Feature Nogginware for 2016, we put all of our heart n' soul into you + I have to say ....you've made the top of my Noggin to the tip o my toes ... so very happy!
Edie's vintage Petunia purple wooly goodness has been meticulously snipped + stitched into our most favourite Nogginware ... the KINN JONES, a classy little number inspired by the high fashion of the 1940's.

This genuine character is the perfect style for a cozy Winters day, with a colour palette that suites any mood. Her stunning features have been adorned in the most divine Stone coloured Linen handcrafted trimmings, with that unique styled band buttoning up on the right, with a notion of your desire (see below!)

'PETUNIA DARLING' is a Limited Edition, of
7 only + forever.

She comes with that topnotch new feature that we have incorporated into our Nogginware process - topstitched crown panels for added strength, durability + a snazzy look.

BUTTON :: make 'PETUNIA DARLING' adorably yours... by choosing your very favouritest button. (we'll be in touch to find out which one after your order is placed!)

Dusty Rose
Camper blue
Eggshell (as shown on Model)

OR choose from one of Rare Vintage Notions on our 'Product' home page. These can be added onto your order - we'd be eternally happy to see one of our prized Notions stitched onto PETUNIA

- reclaimed vintage check in shades o teal, purple + blush.
- And our specially designed inner band in an Organic deep truffle brown cotton for a comfortable snug fit.

TurnAround Time :: 2 weeks


- within Canada // $12
- US // 12
- Everywhere else // $18

--- x ---


This design is our most popular character in the Sparky Jones Nogginware range! Yes Ma'am ... this classy little 1940 ‘s number has the most genuine and gentle nature of them all!!! A deep fitting hat with a perfect little brim, she has been handcrafted to showcase our selection of beautiful vintage + reclaimed fabrics. With a splash of colour here and there + delectable rare notions, this cloche inspired hat is suitable for any gorgeous noggin!


Sizes ::
Small - 21 1/2"- 22”
Medium - 22 1/2” - 23")
Large - 23 1/2” - 24"

How to measure ::
use a tape measure, or if you don’t have one, you can use a piece of string or cord......... wrap around your head, just over the ears.....not to tight though, you don’t want to give yourself a headache!!!! Then place the string against a ruler to find out your head circumference

- colours may vary slightly , due to the monitor that you use
- there maybe slight imperfections due to the nature organic fabrics however that adds more of the character + feel we desire.

--- x ---


All of our Sparky Jones Nogginware + Goods are made from rare finds of Reclaimed, vintage + Organic fabrics! Our slow fashion, sustainable accessories are not only built n' stitched to last ... but each + every one of them will always have their unique character because of the history + stories that lie within the textiles used.

Our fabrics have all been pre-washed in eco detergents, carefully deconstructed + then reconstructed , snipped + doubly stitched using our unique Sparky Jones patterns. And all of this happens in lil studio by 2 hands in the Mountains of B.C Canada

Be sure to have a look see at www.sparkyjones.ca for all the latest adventures of our business
Bye for now

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