• Image of THE NEW GUY  - x - gus // the travel pod
  • Image of THE NEW GUY  - x - gus // the travel pod
  • Image of THE NEW GUY  - x - gus // the travel pod
  • Image of THE NEW GUY  - x - gus // the travel pod
  • Image of THE NEW GUY  - x - gus // the travel pod

Say big HELLO, Bonjour, Hola, Kon'nichiwa to the adorably colourful

GUS ... 'The Travel Pod'

Going camping?, heading off on a jet plane or heck ... just living life ... well GUS has got you covered!!! He's not only the guy that makes ya feel lighter bright happier ... he is actually the most handiest little fella that can pack away all your fav makeup + lotions n' potions. He resides in my bathroom + happily holds all my morning beauty routine ... on a flight he packs away nicely in my hand luggage + is still my bestie on a camping trip.

This amazeballs batch of GUS comes in a scrumptious Mustard Denim or a divine Organic Indigo denim base, with only a couple of each combo available. Colourful Metal zips for durability, an eyelet tab for hanging GUS on a hook, vibrantly awesome lining .... but lets not overlook that gusseted base for holding way more than you'd think!

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When you really need something ... YOU CREATE IT!!!


- handcrafted 'built to last' goods

- sustainable slow fashion

- limited editions

- size 8" x 6" x 3"

- colours may vary slightly , due to the monitor that you use
- there maybe slight imperfections due to the nature of reclaimed/vintage fabrics, however that adds more of the character + feel we desire.


- within Canada // $3
- US // $5
- Everywhere else // $10

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All of our Sparky Jones Nogginware + Goods are made from rare finds of Reclaimed, vintage + Organic fabrics! Our slow fashion, sustainable accessories are not only built n' stitched to last ... but each + every one of them will always have their unique character because of the history + stories that lie within the textiles used.

Our fabrics have all been pre-washed in eco detergents, carefully deconstructed + then reconstructed , snipped + doubly stitched using our unique Sparky Jones patterns. And all of this happens in lil studio by 2 hands in the Mountains of B.C Canada

Be sure to have a look see below for all the latest adventures of our business

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  • Mustard denim // Blue Check
    4 in stock
  • Mustard denim // Emerald
    4 in stock
  • Mustard denim // Deuztland village
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  • Indigo denim // tangerine bliss
    2 in stock
  • Indigo denim // Autumn Yellows
    1 in stock
  • Indigo denim // Lilace Ocean
    3 in stock